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Why listen to me?

I have years of experience successfully helping brands grow & execute their marketing efforts. I started with a regional sporting goods store (Sports Basement) growing their partnerships & events. After that, I spent years at various ad agencies working for companies like: Adobe, Chevron, VMware, Williams Sonoma, British Airways, Lavazza Coffee, Savencia Cheese, and currently work for Yelp.


My background has always been in marketing & business, with education from the University of San Francisco (Marketing & Advertising) and Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (Business Analytics & Risk).

  • Google, Facebook, LinkedIn & Amazon Ads certified

  • CF-L1 Trainer - I coach beyond marketing too

  • Former Division I athlete - I don't like to lose

Previous work

Flip through a brand blueprint & targeting exercise I did for an aspiring maternity clothing company below. Find an Amazon Seller case study summary to the right - I set up and operate an Amazon storefront for a business (average weekly time spent is < 2 hours).

For legal reasons I cannot post my work completed for my previous agencies or current company, but I'd be happy to discuss live with you if you'd like

Interested in purchasing my small-medium business marketing guidebook?

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